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Your Story & Mine

Your story is the important one. 

What happened (or hasn't happened) that has left you realizing that chronic stress has diminished parts of your well-being is why you are in this current chapter of your life.  

You are ready to rewrite the script in some way.

"I'm not that stressed", he said. Ok.  Do you have any of the following:

*Difficulty sleeping?  *Diminished energy physically or mentally? *Inability to drop the extra belly fat?  *Increased conflict or loss of patience?  *Decreased creativity? *Challenges with remembering names or where you put your keys? *Lower sex drive?  *Less motivation?  *Anxiety? *Sadness? *Increased alcohol or drug use to help relax, sleep, unwind, or find more energy? 

How about high blood pressure? Frequent illnesses? Headaches? Digestive issues? 

Then chances are you have a condition of chronic stress that you simply have gotten used to as "normal".  Reducing stress can only help mitigate any of the above symptoms.  That's why I love what I do.  It helps us all to be healthiest in mind and body.  So whether it's professional, parenting, or otherwise personal strain, your brain is fighting to protect you from the detrimental impact of stress.


My story is chock full of character development, plot twists, and climactic moments that have allowed me to earn the trust of hundreds of executives, lawyers, physicians, athletes, entertainers, moms, and dads on nearly every continent.

I've had the great privilege of helping hundreds of people discover the purpose, passion, and power through my specialized Brain & Body Optimization coaching program.  With practical strategies designed to enhance healthy energy, fuel creativity, improve mood,  and restore overall brain:body wellness, my clients develop a new narrative that translates into a lifestyle of optimal impact. 

Our story together will let you make the "edits" you need to thrive mentally, physically, and in relationships.  

What is Brain & Body Optimization (B2O), anyway?
Our brain's primary task is to protect us. 
To do that well, we need to protect IT.

1:1 Coaching


Winning teams have their coaches talk through the plays in the locker room.  However, in-the-moment coaching from the sidelines can make or break the outcome of the game.   I provide "locker room" sessions and daily "sideline" support so that the strategies stick. 


When you score a healthier, happier life, you win.  Your win is my win.

So, I will only take clients on if they are willing to do two things:

1. Communicate with me daily via text or email and/or as needed between our sessions.

2. Commit to four weeks of coaching.

Corporate Consults

I have effectively brought Brain & Body Optimization (B2O) to audiences ranging in size from 15-1500. Always customizing the strategies to meet the needs of the organization, I have been invited to speak with Fortune 100 companies, higher-education institutions, our US Military, law firms and healthcare providers.  Brain & Body Optimization (B2O) can be offered to support your teams through keynote presentations, interactive half- and whole-day workshops, and/or through weekly corporate emails.

Coaching & Consulting



Just a sampling:

Listen in.

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I'm ready when you are to create what you need.

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