Diamond Mind Strategies for Brain and Body Optimization, Mastering Midlife, and developing a foundation of daily practices for a lifetime of wellness have been taught to and utilized by Yale University School of Medicine, our US Military high-ranking officers, top International financial companies, prestigious law firms, pro athletes, the C-suite professionals, and more.   I have customized my material to reach audiences of every type and meet their specific needs.  Speaking engagements come with e-workbooks for all who attend in order to maximize the impact of what they learn with me. 

Currently, I am bringing Diamond Mind Strategies into a collaboration with the Elisabeth Morrow School in Englewood, NJ, and developing an incredibly nurturing, empowering, and uniquely comprehensive mental, physical, and character wellness program for ages 3-14 years old. 

If you feel there is need for brain and body optimization, corporate culture reshaping, or simply a hot new topic grounded in evidence-based theory and practices to offer your members, I can bring Diamond Mind Strategies to your organization.


Diamond Mind Strategies are where Performance & Wellness intersect:


Companies, law firms, medical organizations, athletic teams and educational institutions are keenly aware of the importance of providing wellness and performance-enhancement services to their employees and students. Major dollars and time are being invested in wellness initiatives. Unfortunately, research shows that the impact of corporate wellness and performance coaching efforts are NOT yielding the best outcomes. Why? Because often they don't start at the real starting point. Offering a class on mindfulness will only feel like yet another thing to add to an already overwhelming schedule. AND...before new information can actually be absorbed and implemented, the condition of Stress Brain has to be treated with simple interventions that require minimal time and effort to start the process. I start at the true starting point for people to recondition their brain chemistry to allow for new thought patterns and behaviors.  With Brain Optimization, performance is elevated and bodies function better. 


Diamond Mind Strategies: BRAIN & BODY OPTIMIZATION is where Corporate Wellness and Performance Coaching intersect.  Options include 1-hr and half-day experiential education workshops, webinars, and weekly tips via your digital communication!

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