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After decades of clinical practice in helping thousands of people overcome the direst of life circumstances, including life-threatening addictions,  I dove into learning about the brain in new ways. It was clear that the typical therapeutic approach wasn't often the answer to creating healthy lifestyle most easily (evidenced by the frequency of relapse and cycling of treatments for seemingly MOST people struggling with the addicted mind.  Discovering the habits of the brain and the changes in brain chemistry that allowed for a rewiring of sorts allowed me to develop what seemed to be the foundation for change that was needed: first balancing brain chemistry and then disrupting the automatic patterns of thinking/acting.  I further realized that the condition of the addicted brain has many significantly similar traits as the chronically stressed brain.  Because our brains are ultimately designed to to help us surive, the stressed brain wards off the absorption of new information and adoption of new lifestyle patterns to protect us from more stress.  So, I did all I could to learn about and develop the easiest to implement strategies that could allow for brain balancing and set the stage for better functioning. Mental Fitness & Nutritional Psychology Strategies emerged and I define them as "Brain Optimization" techniques for reducing stress, improving mood, increasing energy and focus, enhancing creativity and problem-solving abilities, and allowing for life fulfillment requires brain balancing before we can absorb and adopt a healthier life. 

Mental Fitness exercises range from 90-second practices to more in-depth methods of harnessing what I call your "CORE POWER". They are grounded in evidence-based clinical theory (such as EMDR, CBT, NLP, DBT, etc) and combined with easy-to-remember concepts that come from my training as a professional fitness competitor.  Mental Fitness exercises are practical and strategically designed to help you develop a deep connection with your Purpose, Passion, and Power in all parts of life.  ALL of this is customized in my 1:1 coaching with you.  In corporate or group workshops, I use an experiential education approach that engages everyone in the learning process and allows them to customize their own strategies.



Ava Diamond

"Nutritional Psychology is about nourishing your brain to experience the mood, energy, focus, and fulfillment you deserve in the  boardroom, the weight room, and the bedroom alike."

Again, with my investigation of how the brain works (or doesn't work) to adopt new lifestyle patterns, I was able to understand how critically important, and how underestimated, caring for our brain is to most people. I realized how the easiest ways to manage brain functioning and brain health were being bypassed even by many medical professionals who would write a prescription for focus, depression, anxiety, energy, etc before exploring nutrients and natural supplementation.   In some cases, of course, medicines are necessary. Always consult with a physician before stopping medicine. That said, often people are eating in ways that counter the effects of their medication. In fact, whether you are on meds or not, learning how to eat to help brain chemistry will only support your mental health.


I turned my attention to two cutting-edge fields: Nutritional Psychology and Nootropics. Nootropics that enhance brain functioning are all the rage these days. Just like with CBD products, not all companies produce credible or true to label supplements. You can check out products I trust here                         


Now, combined with Mental Fitness exercises, I offer the new mind:body coaching that optimizes brain and body naturally. Yes...from anti-aging benefits to workplace performance to mood-enhancement, stress-management, and sexually fulfillment, my program will revitalize, protect, and preserve your greatest asset: your brain.

When we work together, I evaluate your food choices and patterns of eating to determine who to shift your intake and adjust behavior patterns of eating to best serve you. While this is not about weight loss or muscle building, the side benefits of learning how to eat to nourish your brain well is often an easier time reaching fitness goals. We also figure out what natural supplements and possible hormone-balancing interventions may be useful to consider.