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What Do Doctors & Lawyers Have in Common (other than never ending tuition payments)?

In 2017, the light started to shine on a growing problem in the legal profession: burnout. For a while now, physician burnout has been a subject of study and intervention due to the impact on quality of care for patients. Doctors and Lawyers are experiencing the same detriments of burnout:

*Fatigue *Irritability *Poor health *Depression *Anxiety *Addiction *Diminished memory *Inability to focus well *Lower energy *Dissatisfaction with work *Weight gain

All of which are related to the same precipitants:

*Grueling, long hours *High performance pressure *Serious competition for work *Dealing with decisions that are higher-risk and life-impacting on a daily basis

AND the fact that both physicians and attorneys may be skilled at caring for patients or winning cases, but they also have to be skilled at managing and growing their businesses. They are, in fact, in need of an entrepreneurial mindset in order to have their practices thrive in the current competitive environment.

If you are a lawyer or doctor experiencing burnout, there are solutions to reducing chronic stress, enhancing energy & focus, AND having support cultivating entrepreneurship:

Mental Fitness and Nutritional Psychology Coaching: Mindset exercises to harness what I call, "CORE POWER". You will learn to channel your energy, establish key boundaries for optimal wellness, and developed an "engaged brain" that will allow for optimal success at the office & at home. Mental Fitness helps you eliminate the mental blocks or challenges that interfere with your reaching your goals of all kinds.

Nutritional Psychology is about nourishing your brain to balance chemistry. It evaluates your BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIAL connection to foods and determines what you need to reduce cortisol and increase dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin. Associations with food and patterns of eating are adjusted as needed to optimize energy and focus.

Dr. Clark Gaither writes and coaches about Physician Burnout

For entrepreneurial support, I highly recommend the learning platform designed by lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, Michael Dermer. Just click on or copy and paste this link to find out why:

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