27 years in the arena of addiction treatment.

In-patient, out-patient, IOP, residential settings.

Clinician, Program Developer, Clinical Director, Clinical Consultant, Coach.

Inner-city, Park Ave, Adolescent, Adult, and everyone in-between.

I have been around addiction for a long time. Sadly, I learned mostly from what failed people in treatment. YES, treatment failed people ...though the people were designated as treatment failures. 


I also learned how every brain prefers a good "addiction".  What does that mean? Well, we are actually wired to seek out the security of patterns and the predictability of outcomes.  We are wired to seek peace, comfort, and love. Every single one of us has a brain with a primary purpose of "protecting" us from pain.

My approach to addiction treatment is DIFFERENT because I redefine the terms. Addiction is a disease of disconnect. The "antidote", therefore, is CONNECTION: connecting with the Self who was lost in the throws of active self-destruction and connecting with significant others and new others in meaningful ways. Using all of my Brain & Body Optimization techniques and my compilation of therapeutic/coaching approaches, my clients redefine, rediscover, and re-engage as healthy and whole humans. 

Working with high-profile, high-pressured professionals who struggle with addiction to harmful substances or behavior patterns is my specialty because I understand their demands, and needs well...AND because the only way I will work with someone is if they agree to frequent connection (either via text, phone, or email) between actual sessions so that the coaching has the greatest impact. This also means that my coaching support is available in all time zones, seven days a week.  

If you are in serious need of changing your life now: 203-671-4152 text or call